EV Charging at Craigneuk

EV drivers looking to visit Craigneuk now never need to worry about running out of charge. We are excited to be part of the zero-emission revolution, promoting clean transport and healthier highland skies. The connection is tethered, type 2, with maximum power output of 7.2kW. The charging service is operated by TAP Electric and we recommend that the APP is downloaded onto your phone prior to arrival.

The current charging costs can be found on the TAP app and at the time of writing, our charging rate is set as £0.55/kWh (excluding Vat & TAP app costs). Unfortunately, we currently do not have access to cheaper, EV off-peak tariffs.

How to charge in 4 simple steps

  1. Download the TAP app

  2. The Craigneuk Charging point will be highlighted in your location

  3. Confirm details and start charging

  4. Unplug your EV to end the session